25 maggio 2009

Software e Arte

Qui sotto c'e' un intervento in inglese che ho fatto a Venezia, durante le Venice Sessions di Telecom Italia. Giornata in cui il link italico tra creativita' e software mi e' apparso chiaro come non mai.

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Blogger Giovanni ha detto...  

Interesting insight. I actually came upon it several years ago. Then again I was a developer for several years longer I suppose :-)

Just like most artists software engineers are constrained, or maybe I should say guided, by their medium. Unlike most artist their medium changes at a very fast pace. Single tasking to multitasking, procedural to object oriented and so forth.

I do sometime miss it ...

Commento del 01 luglio 2009 22.40

Blogger thesp0nge ha detto...  

I feel the same for the security code review perspective and I say it to latest Owasp Italy Day, in Milan (November 6th, 2009): http://www.owaspitaly.org/Owasp_Day_IV/Videos/8%20-%20Perego/8%20-%20Perego.html.

I think that writing code, reviewing it for both quality than security issues, involves a lot of brain activities and sometimes a lot of magic that only a real artist is able to have (IMHO, of course).

Commento del 13 gennaio 2010 06.58

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